Few months after welcoming a bouncing baby girl into his life, Reggae and Dancehall superstar, Patoranking drops an album titled after his daughter, ‘Wilmer’. The album is 12 tracks long and has songs produced by Sarz, DJ Coublon, Mix Master Garzy, Hycinth, Botcash, Ctea, Mr Kamera, Ian Greenidge, Abayomi Kadejoh, DJ Buddah, Shermanology and Menasa. 

It also has guest features from Bera, Davido, Nyashinski, Dadju, Donae’O and Busiswa. In case you haven’t gotten the album, CLICK HERE to cop it, let’s get on with the review.

Titling the album after his daughter wasn’t enough, so he went on to make a song for her and still titled it after her. 
On Wilmer, he seeks the help of his close friend, Bera, to make a very beautiful song. This is an awesome song to kick-off the album with. Wilmer will surely be happy a song like this was made for her. I hope she asks for the fulfillment of the many promises Patoranking is making on the song when she’s grown. Great intro, Patoranking. Great intro!

Feelings is another love song. I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of love songs on this album. Two tracks in and we’ve already heard two love songs. Well, it comes as no surprise. It is an album named after his daughter, so it is supposed to be an album of love. Patoranking sings about how happy he is whenever the girl he is singing for comes around. Men are usually happy about one particular type of ‘coming’. Could it be the one he is singing about?  Moving on, DJ Coublon gave a very decent production on this one. It has been a while since I heard something big from him, maybe this album would be a turn-around for him.

On Temperature, Patoranking goes back to his Reggae roots. He sings flawlessly in patois about a girl that raises his temperature because of her looks. If ever he decides to make a video for this song, the video vixen has to be out of this world because I’ve been wondering the kind of girl that is capable of giving a man a high temperature with just her looks. Temperature is an alright song, but I’ll most probably skip it whenever it comes up on my playlist.

Nigeria meets Kenya on Nakupenda. Two men from different countries come on a song to express how they feel about a woman. Kenyan singer, Nyashinski, held it down for his country with his amazing verse. This is one good song, probably one you’d have on repeat after listening. Good vibe, good lyrics, good vocals, good instrumental, good song.

Black is a real talk song, but I feel he should have made it a skit. It’s basically about Africans and what he thinks we are up to now; black inhumanity to their fellow blacks. Then he goes on suggest the solution to the problem- love. With a beautiful production from Ctea and amazing backup voices, Patoranking passes a very strong message on this song. This is the first song on the album addressing a serious issue.

‘Zero Probleme’ featuring Dadju is basically a show-off song where he sings about monetary things not being a problem for him. Nice production from Mix Master Garzy. Decent song here.

On Lenge Lenge, he attempts to do the Afrobeats legend, Fela Kuti proud. The Afrobeats vibe on this is purely addictive. And that part where he begins to speak in tongues, Oh my gosh! Terry G would have been a perfect feature for that part. There is nothing serious on this song, it is just a song about a girl who is lenge lenge, but it is still a jam. DJ Coublon came through with an awesome production too.

From the title, I expected Turn Up to be a song that would literally make me turn up. With a catchy hook from Donae’O, Patoranking goes on to make a decent song, flowing in patois. Anyways, I doubt I would turn up at the sound of this song though. It is just an alright song to me. Nothing really special about it, a song I would skip on a normal day.

Champion’ is basically a song of declaration. Patoranking declares himself a champion on this song while saying some real life facts. Botcash comes through with an amazing beat and Patoranking gets beautiful backup voices on the song to make it sound better. With the number of love songs I have heard from the beginning of this album, it is a relief to hear something on an entirely different topic. This is a decent song for me.

I have played Go Crazy over 3 times and I still honestly do not understand what Patoranking was trying to achieve on this song. It is just a combination of a catchy beat and a bunch gibberish words. He probably just wanted to make something for the clubs. This one is definitely going to be a good workout song for me because I’ll keep skipping it anytime it comes on. I’m not saying the album would’ve been better without the song, but the album wouldn’t be missing anything if the song gets excluded from it.
As soon as I saw part of the production credit being given to Sarz, I knew the production would be crazy. I already started dancing Shaku Shaku and Zanku the moment the beat came on. 

Co-produced by Hycinth, Open Fireborrows South African vibes and Patoranking goes on to sing to a girl about being in the mood to fire, whatever that means. South African singer, Busiswa, gives the song a facelift with her verse. This one is another song for the clubs them.
You know what they say about saving the best for last, yeah? It is what Patoranking did on this album. 

Confirm is arguably the best song off this album. It was dropped as a lead single from the album and even has a video out. We’ve already confirmed it is a jam. The Davido feature on the song even betters the song, as he came through with his own dose of energy and vibe to join Patoranking in singing about being certified by a wide range of people. I don’t know about you, but I prefer Davido’s part on the song hands down.

The album, ‘Wilmer' is certainly not Patoranking’s best body of work yet. Personally, I think the ’God Over Everything’ album is better than this. There are songs I feel shouldn’t have made it to the album and others that have a lot of room for improvement. Just very few songs are really impressive.I also noticed he didn’t feature any of the acts he signed under his Amari Musiq label.
While it is undeniable that the producers who he enlisted to work on the album did really amazing jobs, the general outcome of most of the songs are not really head turning. Wilmer may be a decent album, thanks to a couple of really amazing songs on the album, but it is not an album I’d be excited to recommend to the next person to listen to.

We at RUGIPOOLODO rates the album 7/10.

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