You are my helper, help me, help me oh lord, help me to right my wrong oh my God oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.........

I can never sleep when others are awake.
I just have to rise and take my rightful place.
I will sow a seed and reach my goal.
The mistakes of the past can't stop my shine 2ce

Poro naa lee..(sin is bad)
Eedee nam gbi (I need brightness)
Lord help me ...... Poro naa lee eeeeh ee 2ce
The future I seek, the fucture I seek needs no sin (nanalee 4ce)

Verse 2:
 Our fathers have sin and they've all gone
We just have to rise and take a rightful place
A chosen generation, a  royal priesthood
Is born to the world and we'll not stop

Repeat Chorus:
Oh oh oh oh oh
Call: I am great
Resp: I am gre.........at
Call: Am a winner
Resp: am a win.......ner eh
Call: We are great
Resp: We are gre.........at
Call: We are winners
Resp: We are win......ners
Oh oh oh oh 


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